Online Banking Terms and Conditions

This agreement is in addition to all other agreements we may have with you including your signature cards or account agreements for your Deposit Account(s) and/or Loan Agreement(s).

Confidentiality of Password

 All West Pointe Bank Online Banking transactions or inquiries must be initiated by use of your Access ID and Password. You may change your Password at any time. You may be requested to change your password at least semi-annually. It is recommended that you do not use social security numbers, birthdays, dictionary words, proper names, or other codes that may be easy for others to determine as your Password. The strongest passwords are a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. No bank employee will ever ask for your Password. 

You agree to keep your Access ID and Password confidential. You should not provide your Access ID or Password to anyone unless you intend to allow that person access to your accounts. If you allow another person to use your Access ID and Password, that person can use the West Pointe Bank Online Banking system to view any information or initiate any transaction on any of the accounts to the same extent as you. Therefore, sharing your Access ID and Password is strongly discouraged by the Bank.

Use of your Access ID and Password by you or by any other person will be considered the same as your written signature authorizing us to complete any transaction communicated through the West Pointe Bank Online Banking system. 

You should always exit the West Pointe Bank Online Banking system after viewing your account(s). Never leave your computer unattended while accessing the West Pointe Bank Online Banking system. 

If a third party should gain access to your Password, you alone are responsible for changing the Password so as to deny the third party’s access to your banking information. 


You expressly authorize us to debit the appropriate Deposit Account in the amount of any bank transfer initiated through the West Pointe Bank Online Banking system. You agree that we may treat any such bank transfer from a Deposit Account the same as a duly executed written withdrawal, transfer, or check. You agree that we may treat any such bank transfer to a Deposit Account the same as a deposit. You agree that we may treat a transfer to a Loan Account as a loan payment. All transfers will be treated in accordance with the terms of this agreement and your Deposit and Loan Agreements with us.

Intended Use

You agree to use the West Pointe Bank Online Banking system solely for the purpose intended. If any possible suspicious or criminal activity is detected, system records may be provided to necessary law enforcement officials or other pertinent parties.

You may use this system to: 

  1. Transfer funds between any Deposit Accounts, such as checking, savings, or money market accounts;
  2. To receive and download balance and transaction information;
  3. To make loan payments from a Deposit Account.

Frequency of Transfers 

You may use the West Pointe Bank Online Banking systems to make an unlimited number of transfers each day from your checking account. 

Account Access

If you fail to log in three (3) consecutive attempts, the system will lock you out for 10 minutes. If you are locked out two (2) times, you will need to contact West Pointe Bank to be re-enabled.

Business Days/Hours of Operation 

Business Days are Monday through Friday, except Federal Holidays. Internet banking transactions after 6:00 p.m. and Saturday, Sunday, or Federal Holidays will be credited/debited as of the next business day. 

Security Notice

To help protect our customers from security threats, West Pointe Bank utilizes the following approach, which you hereby agree to. You acknowledge that these procedures are a commercially reasonable method of providing security against unauthorized payment orders or other transactions and that these procedures are not for the detection of error.

A. West Pointe Bank will do the following, as applicable: 

  • Offer customer education and awareness programs dealing with identify theft, phishing, smashing and malware.
  • Identification of customers when logging on will consist of multi-factor authentication that utilizes user IDs and passwords, plus either pictures and phrases/challenge questions. West Pointe Bank reserves the right to modify the identification process from time to time to implement new measures that are recommended in the industry to combat new or increased threats. 

B. You are responsible to install, update, maintain and properly use industry standard security products that are appropriate for you, such as the following: 

  • Desktop firewall used to prevent unauthorized access to your network.
  • Updated anti-virus protection used to prevent your computer or other access device from being victimized by the latest viruses and Trojans.
  • Updated anti-spyware protection used to prevent spyware from providing potential tracking information about your Web activities. 
  • Operating system and desktop applications updated with the latest patches when they are available, particularly when and if they apply to a known exploitable vulnerability.
  •  A product that indicates the website you are on, or an Internet browser that indicates the site name.

Questions on Transactions

Please contact us promptly if you notice any discrepancies or need further information concerning your transactions. Any questions or errors you may discover on your statement regarding internet and electronic transfers or other transactions must be brought to our attention within 60 days of delivery of your statement.

In case of questions or errors on your internet and electronic transfers or other transactions or if you believe that your code password has been compromised, or that someone has transferred or may transfer money from your account without your permission, call: (920) 232-2260, or write to the following address. 

West Pointe Bank

1750 Witzel Ave.

P. O. Box 2266

Oshkosh, WI 54902-2266