Experts in Community Banking

Our team is full of experienced lenders, bankers and customer service representatives with a variety of talents and knowledge spanning over 500 years of experience, sharing one common goal: to provide you with the best service possible.

Image of Kurt Rheingans, Senior VP/Commercial Loan Officer

Kurt V. Rheingans

Senior Vice President/Senior Lending Officer

NMLS 1757764

(920) 303-6047

Darin R. Wendt
Vice President/Commercial Loan Officer

(920) 232-2273

Image of Bryan Wright, Mortgage Loan Officer

Bryan L. Wright

Vice President/Mortgage Loan Officer

NMLS 609377

(920) 232-2270

Image of Addison Altmann, Credit Analyst
Addison G. Altmann

Assistant Vice President/Commercial Loan Officer

NMLS 1199514

(920) 303-6043

Image of Corey Danley, Credit Analyst

Corey C. Danley

Credit Analyst

(920) 232-2272

Image of Kris Troiber, Loans

Kris A. Troiber

Commercial Loan Processor

(920) 232-2272

Image of Ann Rumlow, Loans

Ann M. Rumlow

Mortgage Loan Processor

NMLS 609378

(920) 232-2272

   Rebecca A. Moeller
Not pictured             Mortgage Loan Processor
    (920) 232-2272

Image of Jill Decker-Otto, Loans

Jill Decker-Otto

Loan Administration

(920) 232-2272